with Megan Moss Freeman

Friday, April 17th - Friday, May 1st  (30 Hours)

Cost: $425 early / $500 within 30 days - Register through Kaia Yoga

Through the magic of Zoom, we will gather together in our virtual classroom to study the deep, transformative practice of Yin Yoga. 


This 30 hour training consists of 10 core modules, 5 practices along with independent study over the course of two weeks. We will start from the physical, learning a functional approach to anatomy and how to adapt the Yin postures to all body types. Peeling back the layers, we’ll then dive into our more subtle energetic realms through the lens of Daoist + Yogic philosophy and Chinese Medicine. In additional we’ll look at Polyvagal theory and how Yin Yoga can help support our nervous system and overall health. 


You can expect a balanced blend of personal practice, lecture, discussion and fun!


Students are encouraged to participate in the live modules, but if you cannot make a scheduled time the classes will be recorded as well.


Attend live or watch recording of the following modules:


MODULE 1:   Friday, April 17 / 6-8pm  (2 hours)
Yin Practice w/Megan


MODULE 2:   Saturday, April 18 / 10am-11am + 11:30am-12:30pm  (2 hours)
Qi Gong Practice w/Thomas Droge + Welcome/Check-in w/ Megan


MODULE 3: Sunday, April 19 / 3-5pm  (2 hours)
Target Areas (Skeletal Segments, Muscle Groups, Fascia)


MODULE 4: Tuesday, April 21 / 11am-1pm (2 hour)
Skeletal Variations, Tension/Compression, 7 Archetypal Yin Postures


MODULE 5: Wednesday, April 22  / 3-5pm (2 hours)
Shoelace Pose Family w/Megan


MODULE 6: Thursday, April 23 / 2:30-4:30pm (2 hours)
Daoist Cosmology w/Thomas Droge


MODULE 7: Friday, April 24 3-5pm (2 hours)
Saddle + Dragon Pose Families w/Megan


MODULE 8: Monday, April 27 / 3-5pm (2 hours)
Polyvagal Theory/Life Layers w/Marietta Skeen


MODULE 9: Wednesday, April 29 / 3-5pm (2 hour)
Dragonfly + Twisting Elephant Families w/Megan 


MODULE 10: Friday, May 1st / 6-8pm (2 hours)
Yin w/Megan + Closing


Choose 5 of the practices below to participate live in via Zoom:


PRACTICE: Monday, April 20 10am-11pm  (1 hour)
Qi Gong w/Thomas Droge


PRACTICE: Tuesday, April 21 / 5:30am-6:45pm (1 hour 15 min)
Yin Practice w/Megan


PRACTICE: Wednesday, April 22 10-11am (1 hour)
Qi Gong w/Thomas Droge


PRACTICE: Saturday, April 25 / 10am-11am (1 Hour)
Qi Gong w/Thomas Droge


PRACTICE: Monday, April 27 / 10am-11am (1 Hour)
Qi Gong w/Thomas Droge


PRACTICE: Tuesday, April 28 / 5:30am-6:45pm (1 hour 15 min)
Yin Practice w/Megan


PRACTICE: Wednesday, April 29 / 10am-11pm (1 Hour)
Qi Gong w/ Thomas Droge


If desired, upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to receive 30 Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions!


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